Bespoke Salon Skin

Our Bespoke Salon offers the expertise of certified esthetician with over years of experience in the skin care industry. We have successfully treated countless clients with a 100% satisfaction rate. Our team of experts offers different varieties of skin care treatments and can suggest the best one for you at the time of service.

  • Cleansing

    Face Cleansing   ₹650/-  onwards

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  • Facial

    Hydra Facial ₹3500/-

    Facial  ₹950/- onwards

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  • De-tan

    De-tan    ₹750/- onwards

    Face Bleach    ₹300/- onwards

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  • Manicure & Pedicure

    Manicure   ₹550/- 

    Pedicure ₹650/- 

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  • Skin treatments

    For Acne prone skin   ₹1550/- 

    For Dry & sensitive skin   ₹1550/- 

    De-pigmentation   ₹1550/- 

    * may require multiple sitting

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  • Body Care

    Waxing ₹650/- onwards

    Body SPA   ₹2250/- onwards

    Body Scrubbing   ₹950/- 

    Body Bleach   ₹1050/- 

    Full Body Massage ₹1050/- Hour

    Half Body Massage  ₹550/- Hour

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